Reimagining the Mobile Experience for India’s Biggest Newspaper

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Summary of my work

Used by over 70 million users in India & abroad, the Times of India (TOI) app is a go-to digital replacement for the iconic newspaper brand. It offers latest headlines, trending videos, and in-depth coverage and more in English & other languages
An iconic brand which any Indian can recognize instantly
I had ownership over setting up the design system from scratch, end-to-end flows for audio-stories and dynamic information widgets.

Under the amazing mentorship of Juhi (a typographic genius), I assisted on a typography focused visual language for the mobile experience.

I also spent some time rethinking interactions on the app with guidance from Rahul, while learning by observing him engage with various stakeholders (an expert communicators).

Here’s what they had to say:
Worked with
Rahul Beniwal
Cofounder, Studio Tandem
Anshuman worked with my studio on a redesign of India’s largest news daily. He was instrumental in bringing the designs to completion. What stands out most about Anshuman is his enthusiasm, curiosity and honesty. It helps that he has a brain between his ears to support those qualities. Put together these make him an innately good designer and more importantly, a valuable teammate. Given the opportunity, I’m certain that he can contribute productively regardless of the task in front of him.
Worked with
Juhi Chitra
Cofounder, Studio Tandem
Anshuman’s ability to turn any brief into a well-thought-out, detailed concept was a big asset, but the best part of working with him was his enthusiastic, initiative-taking energy, and his amazing work-ethic, which is truly rare to find.

My Learnings

This was my first time working with a brand that was widely loved and used by such a massive set of people.

Collaborating closely with the PMs and Product folks at Times of India allowed us to take a data-driven approach to some design decisions.

I also learnt a lot about dealing with a legacy product, untangling competing priorities for features, and designing a design system which works across a multitude of content categories.
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