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Summary of my work

I worked on 4 different projects concurrently.

In one of the projects, my responsibilities included creating new business opportunities for Samsung by driving research and conceptualization.

In others, I worked on making the most of the existing AI capabilities within Samsung devices, and conceptualized features for upcoming OS updates and flagship devices.

In all this, the unifying theme was multiple presentations to executives and several iterations.

My Learnings

I became great at explaining ideas at the correct level of complexity and abstraction, and improved my overall communication skills.

Working in projects with constraints also made me adept at making the most of the resources I have available. I also learned how to advocate for my design in large organizational structures.

Internship Work

Before I got an offer to return as a full-time employee, I spent 3 months as an Intern at Samsung. I explored "How might we make talking to an AI assistant more natural?".

That work is publicly accessible and not protected by an NDA. So if you want to check that out ->
If you want to know more about what I did, reach out!
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