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About Me


Jazz Hands till I Die

I'm a student with an insatiable curiosity with a persistent outlook to life, in learning new things and achieving the high goals I set for myself. All while being a sucker for pixel-perfection ✨, intuitive interactionsand delightful motion 💫


Officially I started my journey into design 2 years back, but ever since I can remember, I've loved to tinker and make. I've always had a deep love for helping people and solving problems, and I found a creative outlet for that passion when I pursued design. Being at the intersection of Design and Technology excites me and I'm especially interested in the impact they have on digital wellbeing.

Designing to me, is solving problems that matter, and I want to design experiences that empower users through accessible and delightful design 💪🏽.

Outside of lab, you can find me playing with stray cats and dogs, at the court 🏀or simply dancing to music by myself.